CSH – Schonluft Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Series (600 CFM – 12,000 CFM) 50Hz/60Hz



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CSH – Schonluft Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Series

  • The panels are fixed directly to the aluminum-alloy frame with polyurethane expanding foam, ensuring that panel strength can meet every application. The panels are bolted on for superior insulation and sealing, while allowing easy removal. The anti-rust external color bond panel is covered by a plastic film to prevent the units from being scratched during assembly and transportation.
  • Patented Smooth Internal Panels
  • The patented structure allows flat and smooth internal surfaces. These surfaces make it easy to keep clean inside, thus maintaining improved air quality in the room.
  • Super Slim Design Suitable for Ceiling Mounts
  • With the height of the unit reduced to the slimmest possible, this unit is specially designed for mounting on ceilings.
  • Super-Efficient Fan Design
  • All the fans used have been created by the latest design software for maximum efficiency. This means the units achieve the best result with the lowest airflow and pressure, resulting in decreased fan noise.
  • Sophistication & Excellent Performance

Standard Features:

  • Double skin 25mm polyurethane insulation
  • Forward curved centrifugal fan
  • Copper tube &aluminum fin
  • Powder coated galvanized steel drip tray
  • Left or right piping connection available
  • Easy access panel
  • Coil rows are available as 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows or 8 rows. One separate heating row can be added if requires
  • TEFC Blower motor with Class “F” insulation

Optional Features:

  • 50mm / 75mm insulation
  • Backward curved centrifugal fan/EC Plug Fan
  • Copper tube & copper fin
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Fan motor upgrade for high ESP
  • Panel filter & deep bag filter
  • Electrical heating
  • VSD
  • Mixing plenum
  • Copper header and copper tube
  • Filter plenum
  • Slightly modified dimension to suit application
  • Stainless steel casing