CAH- Schonluft Modular Central Air Handling Series (400 CFM – 68,000 CFM) 50Hz/60Hz



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Type of Air Handling Units:

  • Vertical Floor Mounted
  • Horizontal Floor Mounted
  • Non Standard Customized Design (Based on Space, Customer, Consultant Requirements)
  • Heat Recovery AHU’s

Suitable Application to Use Schonluft Central Air Handling Series:

AHU Designed to confirm “EN1886 & OM-5”

  • Standard CFM System
  • Low CFM system (Mixed Air)
  • 100% Fresh Air System
  • Suitable to Use Variable Air Volume
  • High static pressure system.
  • Pharmaceutical and clean rooms.
  • Hospital and ultra-hygienic plants
  • AHU CFM Range
  • Available in 33 sizes
  • Airflow ranges from 400 CFM to 72000 CFM
  • Static Pressure up to 2500 Pa

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Centrifugal Fans:

  • DIN 24166 accuracy class 1, ISO 5801, BS 848- Part1 and AMCA 210 standards.
  • The impellers can have forward curved, backward inclined or airfoil profile blades depending on the customer requirement and the system static pressure
  • All fans are optimally selected for best performance and sound characteristics based on maximum fan efficiency.
  • The complete fan – motor assembly mounted on a common base frame entirely isolated form the unit by rubber vibration eliminators or open type anti-vibration spring isolators,

Custom Built Air Flow Arrangements

  • Plug Fans (Optional)
  • EC Fans (Optional)

The following dampers alternatives can be provided

  • Galvanized steel dampers with airfoil blades.
  • 316L Stainless steel dampers with single skin blades.
  • 316L Stainless steel dampers with airfoil blades.
  • Gear type dampers with Aluminum airfoil blades

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