FLH – Schonluft Filtration Air Handling Series (400 CFM – 68,000 CFM) 50Hz/60Hz



high efficiency aircondition products in india
high efficiency aircondition products in india

Standard Features

Effective MULTI stage filtration systems with any kind Application

  • Hospital (Ventilation of Health Care Facilities )
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Chemical Factory
  • Kitchen
  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clean Room
  • Electronic Industries
  • Custom built units to suit Customer, Consultant requirements.
  • Panel filters Washable type, 1 inch or 2 inch  thick metallic panel filters
  • Disposable type 2 inches thick synthetic panel filters, G4 class, dust weight arrestance more than 90% as per ISO 16890 standards
  • Bag filters comprising tear-resistant polyester fibre. Filter extractable on slide rails or filter wall that can be operated from the dust air side.
  • Filter category: M5 – F9; depth: 600 mm or 380 mm
  • Hepa Filters The filter consists of a high-quality fiberglass medium which retains its strength when wet, and is fitted with aluminum spacers with a special zigzag folding and edge protection. The filter is tested acc. to EN 1822. A test certificate is supplied on delivery. As a rule, pre-filtering is undertaken with M5 or F9 filters.
  • Filter category: H10 – H14 (acc. to Eurovent DIN EN 779)
  • Efficiency: DOP 99.99 % (H13)
  • Electrostatic Precipitator of plate type filter cell having fumed and mist elimination efficiency ≥ 95%.


  • AMCA Certified Backward High Statics Centrifugal fans/Plug Fans


  • TEFC, IE3 with IP55 degree of protection, Class F insulated, VFD compatible electric motors.