Schonluft Air Balance Division is an independent agency offering Test and Balance Services for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industry.

Schonluft TAB (Test and Balance) Services Include:

-Air and hydronic systems balancing
-Sound and vibration testing
-HEPA filter testing (DOP)
-Smoke evacuation system testing
-Clean room certification
-Pre-construction plans checks and on-site reviews

Engineers know that a comfortable environment is more productive and costs less to operate. This is why they specify TAB for new and existing environmental systems.

To create a comfortable environmental systems must provide a proper balance of temperature, humidity, air movement and cleanliness. Making certain these systems perform as the design engineer intended requires proper testing and balancing.

As a leading independent test and balance company, Schonluft Air Balance can provide you with an unbiased analysis and written record of system performance, involves the testing, adjusting, of every segment to ensure every framework will accomplish its unique execution targets.

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What We Do

The Schonluft Air Balance Company deals with systems. We do not limit our involvement to just one area of specialization and are not predisposed to any one solution when confronted with a problem. We have a comprehensive understanding of how complex and integrated HVAC systems work. This understanding allows us to recognize and implement optimum solutions to difficult heating, ventilating and air conditioning problems.

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Our systems approach to our work necessitates knowledge of a wide range of technical areas and as a result, the list of services we offer is extensive.

  • HVAC Air Balance and Quantitative Analysis
  • HVAC Hot and Chilled Water Testing and Balancing and Quantitative Analysis
  • Sound and Vibration Testing
  • HEPA Filter Certification
  • Clean Room Certification
  • Laboratory Fume Hood Testing
  • Cooling Tower Testing
  • HVAC System Commissioning
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Analysis

Armed with calibrated tools, skilled Schonluft engineers and field technicians are prepared to make your building’s environmental system perform up to its design potential.

All Schonluft field offices have the latest state-of-the-art test instruments:

  • Flow Hoods (digital and analog)
  • Micro Manometer (datameters)
  • Velometers
  • Amprobes and Tachometers
  • Rotating Vane Anemometers
  • Incline Manometers
  • Digital/Electronic Thermometers
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Doppler Flow Meters
  • Sound/Vibration Meters
  • Aerosol Photometers
  • Particle Counters
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Systems Approach

Modern HVAC systems are complex assemblies of fans, coils, pumps, and controls. Dealing with malfunctioning systems requires not only a fundamental understanding of how each system component functions, but also awareness of how these components work together as a whole. The Schonluft Air Balance Company has been in the HVAC system business for over 30 years. Through hard work, dedication and commitment to doing the job right the first time, we have earned the reputation for quality work, responsiveness and customer oriented service.

HVAC systems require periodic assessment to assure proper performance. Even if you are not experiencing obvious problems, your system can still be costing you a lot more than it should to operate. Also an HVAC system which is performing to design requirements may not be doing the job if you’ve modified your facility since your system was installed. Such modifications might include remodeling, added computers and/or added copying machines.

Who we are


Energy Savings

Without proper testing and balancing, an environmental system can rarely meet all of the performance objectives set by the design engineer. To achieve these goals, its factory tested components must undergo further testing and balancing as a complete system.

Natural frameworks must give a legitimate equalization of temperature, stickiness, air development and neatness to make an agreeable situation.Causing certain these frameworks to proceed just as the structure engineer proposed requires legitimate testing and adjusting.

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As a leading independent test and balance company, Schonluft Air Balance can provide you with an unbiased analysis and record of system performance. It involves the testing, adjusting, and balancing of each component to make sure the system will achieve its original performance objectives.

Schonluft TAB (Test and Balance) Services include:

  • Air and hydronic systems balancing
  • Sound and vibration testing
  • HEPA filter testing (DOP)
  • Smoke evacuation system testing
  • Clean room certification
  • Independent laboratory instrument calibration
  • Pre-construction plan checks and on-site reviews

Engineers know that a comfortable environment is more productive. This is the reason they indicate TAB for new and existing ecological frameworks.

Experience proves that a test and balance under actual operating conditions can improve a system’s performance and reduce energy consumption. It only adds about 1% to the system cost, yet the energy savings can be substantial, depending upon the type of installation.

Energy savings is another reason why nearly 90% of all design engineers specify TAB for heating, ventilating and air conditioning projects.

Design engineers have found that consulting with Schonluft during the design and installation phases of an HVAC project helps them achieve their environmental goals.

On-site inspection by Schonluft engineers assures that all balancing devices, such as dampers, pressure taps, valves and temperature controls, are being properly installed to permit accurate testing and balancing.

When TAB is completed, you’ll receive our Official Test & Balance Report and an analysis of results obtained while the environmental system was operating.

Accompanying the report is a certificate of performance. This is your assurance that all testing and balancing was performed in accordance with your plans and specifications and to standards of the AABC (Associated Air Balance Council).

Field Manual

The Schonluft Test & Balance Field Manual is designed as a ready reference for the field balancing technician. While at work or for reference during the AABC TAB experts test. The Schonluft Test and Balance Field Manual contains formulas, charts, graphs, and instruction in the following areas:

  • Air Fundamentals
  • Air Measurement
  • Fan Laws
  • Fan Curves
  • Fan Systems
  • Electrical Measurements
  • Air Balance
  • Drive Chages
  • Psychrometrics
  • Water Fundamentals
  • Water Measurements
  • Pumps
  • Water Systems
  • Water Balance
  • Field Measurements of Sound and Vibration
  • Safety

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To order your Schonluft Test & Balance Field Manual or request more information, ContactSchonluft Air Balance Division


Commissioning is a systematic process of assuring that a building performs in accordance with the design intent and the owner’s operational needs. Buildings that need commissioning include: schools, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories and health care facilities.

HVAC building commissioning introduces a fundamental paradigm shift from a price/schedule dimension to a quality focus dimension.

Designers are judged by owners on all aspects associated with the finished product.

Owners assume the designers will bear costs associated with poor construction or problems that arise.

By obtaining an HVAC commissioning agent, the owner will:

  • Receive a high quality product
  • Be well satisfied with the design team

Benefits of Commissioning

  • Reduction of change order and claims
  • Reduction in project delays
  • Enforced start-up requirement
  • Shortened building turnover period
  • Reduce post-occupancy corrective work
  • Minimize effects of design defects
  • Improve productivity and indoor environment
  • Increase maintainablility and reliability
  • Reduction in energy and operating cost
  • Increase value by better quality construction
  • Reduction in cutting corners
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Optimized functional performance
  • Architects can expect a building with far smaller post-construction headaches for them to handle.
  • Engineers know the HVAC systems are virtually assured of working as intended, thus eliminating post-occupancy troubleshooting visits.
  • Contractors and their sub-contractors benefit from their ability to lower their cash set-asides for warranty reserves and call-backs.
  • Bottom Line: The design team gains the prospect of repeat and expanded business from complete owner satisfaction.

Basic Commissioning Service

  1. Review updated drawings with any changes made during construction. The basis of design document. System operating descriptions. One-line diagrams.
  2. Review software documentation.
  3. Provide input to the construction schedule.
  4. Coordinate work completion and functional performance tests.
  5. Write functional performance test procedures.
  6. Assemble O & M manuals.
  7. Verify installation.
  8. Perform pre-startup checks.
  9. Supervise system start-up.
  10. Supervise Test and Balance (if required).
  11. Supervise and witness functional performance tests.
  12. Present owner staff training.
  13. Assemble record drawings

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