High Efficiency Air-cooled Screw Chillers 40Tr-550Tr (140KW-1935KW) R134a 50Hz/60Hz



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kruger fans in tamilnadu

Standard Features

  • These ASR air cooled screw water chillers offer the ultimate combination of energy saving design, superior engineering features and flexibility of application as required by today’s market.
  • Designed to conform to confirm AHRI standard 550/590 (Water chilling packages using the vapor compression cycle.)
  • ANSI / ASHRAE 15-1994 (Safety code for Mechanical Refrigeration)
  • ASHRAE 90-1 (EER in Full Load)
  • Operating wide range of ambient temperatures 32F (O C ) to 130F (55 C)
  • Excellent serviceability and Compact Size.
  • Completely wired control panel with Latest advanced microprocessor controller.
  • Incorporated with compact water coolers.
  • Semi-hermetic compact screw compressors with part winding start
  • Single point power connection to minimize installation cost and time.
  • Step less capacity control system as standard for very accurate response to load requirements and best part load efficiency
  • The evaporators are shell and tube direct expansion type with removable heads ,the header, tube sheet, shell, refrigerant and water connections are made of carbon steel.
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Electronics Expansion valve
  • Designed for GCC. India and Singapore Energy Ratings standard
  • Low noise condenser fans, all fans are die cast aluminum propeller type with aerodynamic design, top discharge, provided with protective grille mounted on top panel within the unit casing class and ”F” winding insulation for high ambient application.
  • Quality assurance according to ISO9001 , Which guarantees high and Constant product quality
  • Single point power connection to minimize installation cost and time.
  • Independent refrigeration circuit per compressor
  • Suction, Discharge, Liquid pipes are all hard copper pipes and minimize pipe brazed joints

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Optional Features

  • Asme Code Stamped
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Condenser Coil Guard
  • Compressor/Cooler Guard
  • Compressor Enclosure Box (Soundattenuator)
  • Flanged Type Cooler Connection
  • Copper Fins/Tubes Condenser Coils
  • Pre-coated Aluminum Fins Condenser Coils
  • Coated Copper/Aluminum Fins Condenser Coils
  • Non-fused Main Disconnect Switches
  • Cooler Heater Tape
  • Ground Current Protection
  • External Over Load Relay
  • Building Management System (Bms)
  • Remote Monitoring / Sms Controller Communications
  • Power Line Analyzer

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote control through serial line – chiller sequencing (option)
  • MODBUS protocol option
  • LON protocol option
  • BACnet protocol option
  • SMS notification when alarm/event happen
  • External enable/disable option
  • Maximum demand control in emergency mode
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