FC- Schonluft Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil Units – FC 200 to 1400 CFM 2.0 to 12.5 Kw 50Hz/60Hz (Optional EC motors)

FC- Schonluft Ceiling Concealed Fan Coil Units – FC 200 to 1400 CFM 2.0 to 12.5 Kw 50Hz/60Hz (Optional EC motors)



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Standard and District Cooling Application

  • Guaranteed Excellent Quality
  • Low, Medium Statics Application
  • Very low Height Fan coil series Design
  • Fan Section: High quality centrifugal fans are used. The professional software is used for fan selection to better reach the duty point of high efficiency and low noise level. All fans are statically and dynamically balanced. Wheel parts are made of galvanized steel, rust prevention treated
  • Casings are made of galvanized steel, designed and manufactured to be aerodynamic, resulting in high efficiency and low noise.
  • Motors
  • The Low noise single-phase capacity motor
  • Optimization designed, high efficiency, energy saving
  • Low noise rolling bearing, oiling free, durable for over 12 years
  • Carbon steel shaft, coated with nickel, rust prevention
  • Motor as standard & five speed motor as option.
  • Coils

Schonluft coils are constructed with 0.15mm thick rippled corrugated fins 12 fins per-inch spacing , mechanically bonded together by a tube expander.

This advanced engineering provides continuous turbulence between fins, thus eliminating a layer of air that reduce fin-to-air heat exchange.  All Schonluft coils are tested for leaks at the factory with 25 kgfcm2 (350 psig) pressure air, filled and submerged in a water pool.

Optional Phenolic Coating Aluminium fins and Copper Fins

  • Drain Pan:

To assure there is no leakage, the fabrication of drain pan is by a one-piece stamping process, seamless with no joints. U-shape drain pan is made of 1mm thick galvanized steel coated with anti- corrosion material. Drain pan has one outside pipe thread connection and drain connection. Location is in the middle of the U-shape to discharge water efficiently without overflow.

  • Filter Section

According to units model and size of return air inlet, customize the size of filter; High efficiency, installation flexibility; Filter is made of Aluminum or chinIon fibre.

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