CH- Central Split High Efficiency Condenser R410a Series (5.5Tr-30Tr) 50Hz/60Hz



high efficiency aircondition products in andhra
high efficiency aircondition products in andhra

Outdoor unit

Standard Features

  • Compressor Scroll Technology, High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Designed for tropical operation with high performance, low power consumption – Up to 125F/52C Ambient without tripping
  • R410a Environmental friendly Refrigerant
  • High EER 11 and above in AHRI condition
  • Totally Enclosed Air Over Type Condenser Fan motor – Class “F” Insulation up to 70C Ambient Temp
  • Ruggedly built and especially designed for use in systems where there is a need to separate the outdoor and indoor units.
  • Can be combined with a variety of evaporator coils and air handlers to provide energy saving, quiet operation, dependable comfort and reliable performance.
  • Galvanized heavy gauge panels, oven baked powder coated
  • Internal Over load Protection – Compressor, Condenser Fan Motor Read more

Optional Features

  • Pump down option
  • Fault diagnostics (Indicator lights for high & low pressure safeties)
  • Hot gas bypass valve
  • Muffler
  • Replaceable filter drier with mechanical shut-off valve
  • Electric heaters (fin type)
  • Pump down solenoid valve (PDS)
  • Compressor circuit breaker
  • Mild ambient (fan cycling) control
  • Adjustable high pressure switch
  • Anti-ice thermostat
  • Volt free contacts
  • External overload
  • Ultra violet light